Wednesday, October 29

The Letter

Dear Delilah,

It feels like one of those dog days, today, where all our existence comes to rest halfway between our sobriety and poignant memories; like a glass of introspection with a little sprinkling of lazy.

And lately, I've learned a few new words; strong words, like patience, and faith, and wine, and friendship.

I'm trying to make room in my head for my new words, so I pick out a few old words. I pick out the best ones, the wild ones, the slightly unusual ones and I write you rambling letters in my mind.

I ask you random questions, like what the distance is from your living room to a lonely night, or if you want a daughter first; what you'd call her. I ask you questions, like, how do we thaw these conversations? Where have you left the keys that unlock you?

It's a random day and you've kind of been on my mind.

So this is my letter, dear Delilah. This is my glass of poignant introspection, poured from a vintage bottle; shall we get drunk? This is where I hide the emotion, behind the fluffy words and the LOLs.

Some days I wonder how your day went, if your friends are alright, if you still have dimples. I wanted to make this a blog post but I hear you don't like PDA.



Wednesday, October 8

My Life's Essence....

I spoke to God today,
i told him about the unfathomable void,
the thirst for Life's essence,
profound peace of mind..

He held my face in his palms,
and whispered a psalm,
words so pure,
awe-inspiringly grand.

I started smiling,
elated and euphoric,
i sang along with him,
the moon shone all night long..

The cock crowed,
the birds chirped,
i woke from this dream,
i couldn't remember the psalm..

A sense of bliss overcame me,
the contentment of being alive,
with hands held high and knees to the ground,
i magnified HIM!
My Peace, My Treasure, My Life's Essence.

Monday, August 4


It was complicated,
we were worlds apart,
fights, unhappy words,
i was going to leave anyway.

So, closely i noticed another,
the almost perfect one,
my silver lining,
through the dark clouds shining.

Another who was wrong,
another i couldn't have,
my dear heart,
loved him from faraway.

I prayed the days went by,
hours, minutes, seconds,
time should've brought me,
another who could stay.

But i didn't want another,
couldn't love no other,
now i will wait forever,
till the day we'll be together.

Monday, February 10


I envisioned the future Last night,
The best picture I ever saw.
We made it, we Lived it,
We soared together.
We were happy,
It was perfect baby, it was..
I want it all,
I want you.
A continuous journey with you,
Building memories everywhere.
I want a family,
A little girl with your eyes.
A house by the lakeside,
Tub moments, fights.
So my dear,
Make that come true.
Find me,
Woo me,
Love me forever,
I would do you same.......

Sunday, February 9


She walks alone,
Her space is her home,
Small but secure, safe quad,

Safer than the world away.
She is happy, she is allayed.
They meet......
He walks as a head,
Lots of Chatter around him.
He is firmly in control. 
He sneaks into her world,
Forces the fit till its perfect,
Recreates a comfortable abode.
She conforms to his part.
He has her, she has him,

Meshed hearts,Twin flames.. 
He wants her to walk with him,
An addition to his clan.
She looks around,
Judgemental faces staring back.
Will she? Can she? Should she?
Maybe she would...
Maybe in another world....