Monday, February 10


I envisioned the future Last night,
The best picture I ever saw.
We made it, we Lived it,
We soared together.
We were happy,
It was perfect baby, it was..
I want it all,
I want you.
A continuous journey with you,
Building memories everywhere.
I want a family,
A little girl with your eyes.
A house by the lakeside,
Tub moments, fights.
So my dear,
Make that come true.
Find me,
Woo me,
Love me forever,
I would do you same.......

Sunday, February 9


She walks alone,
Her space is her home,
Small but secure, safe quad,
Safer than the world away.
She is happy, she is allayed.
They meet......
He walks as a head,
Lots of Chatter around him.
He is firmly in control. 
He sneaks into her world,
Forces the fit till its perfect,
Recreates a comfortable abode.
She conforms to his part.
He has her, she has him,
Meshed hearts,Twin flames..
He wants her to walk with him,
An addition to his clan.
She looks around,
Judgemental faces staring back.
Will she? Can she? Should she?
Maybe she would...
Maybe in another world....

Wednesday, April 3


This plan, you say is grand.
This plan you tell me of,
This plan we always talk about,
This plan we are scared of.
This plan that threatens a lot,
This plan that trills my heart.
Aeonian Love!!
I've found him, the one for me.
The one I yearn for.
The one my soul connects with.
The one I reel in his sensual kisses.
The one my heart literally thumps for.
The one who never judges me,
The one who I tell it all to,
The one who is patient,
The one who loves without questioning,
The one who 'hits' it so good.
The one who shares my worries and pain.
The one who's nurturing words heal my soul,
The one who shares my happiest moments.
The one who makes it so easy to love,
The one who makes life easier,
Yet it's so complicated,
Dreading the unknown,
This plan I better know soon,
This bigger picture better heal me,
Until then, I will stay.......

Monday, November 19


I saw you, you saw me.
You reached out, you touched my heart.
We grew, we worked on us.
We held so dear our shared galatea.
You said 'you understood me'.
It frightened me, I became panicky.
Forced to recede into my shell.
I hit you with guised anger, biffs of hatred.
Etwined souls disordered, threatened by fabricated acts.
Flicking light of intimacy quenched.
YOU should have listened to my plea for a truce.
The sonority of my bruised spirit,
Unable to stop what it regretfully started.
Then i Lost you...
My twisted sense of self-perservation.
I Lost you...
A part of myself, larger than is worldly possible.
You don't understand me, never will.
If time will go back, will find you a person of no consequence.

Thursday, October 11


Hurt, scarred and left with a memory Of  what happened.
Wild and free she struggles in a world without care.
She is happy, she is safe, she is content.
There are many of them, she has lost count,
All ready to pounce, take a part, touch a part.
Puzzle pieces on the floor! None fit.
She tries too hard, the puzzles aren't the same,
They'll never understand, they scram.
She yearns for one, she waits for one.
Paranoia, restiveness, nothingness..
Pain because she can't love,
Scars and fear of rejection,
She creates diversions, walls,
Are you willing to wait? Can you hang on?
Can you reach out with everything to loose?
A part of her wants to forget it all,
She hasn't found the mercy yet..
Maybe tomorrow, some other time.
Just not today, not this moment.